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    Welcome to Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development

    Founded by late P.K. Menon and started in 1950, the Journal, a specialized technical bi-monthly, is devoted to all aspects of thermal, hydro, nuclear power and renewable and non-conventional energy systems, engineering and technology, irrigation and river valley development projects – the most important and basic sector in the country’s plans for economic development.

    The subjects covered are: planning, design, organization and construction of power generating stations and transmission and distribution systems, operation and maintenance, dams, barrages and other irrigation structures and research related to them. It also covers engineering education. The articles appearing in this Journal are contributed by those who are either employed with the projects or with the concerned government departments or educational institutions or research institutes. It also receives exclusive articles from similar organizations all over the world.

    The Journal is now in its 70th year of publication and has, since its inception, been receiving the cooperation from the planning and executive authorities of power, civil and irrigation projects and related research institutes in India and abroad. It has the proud privilege of exclusive publication of special numbers on the major power and multi-purpose river valley projects in India and abroad. The special issues of this Journal published so far have become landmarks in the field of technical journalism.

    This Journal is indexed by along with UdlEdge, Malaysia and EBSCO, USA, UGC.

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