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    Note for the Online and Messaging Services, Advertisers
    We call all our advertisers, users, associates to discover the innumerable opportunities of the online and messaging services offerings, that can be customized considering the high-end virtual possibilities referring to the following desires, interests and demands related to the industry.

    1. If you want to stream/display an event/product that you want others to see, you can do that with us.
    2. We propose innovative advertisement panels on our website.
    3. We provide customized advertisement choices as per requirement.
    4. We have a repository of more than 100000 and growing email addresses of Indian and global industry professionals, academics and students. By our email messaging services
    1. You can promote a product that is already a hit, or you think that it will set a new benchmark or will be disruptive in the market/industry. Let the world know your new stride through our unmatchable service
    2. You can promote your product to users in a specific territory.
    3. You can promote a conference, workshop, webinar and a talk by the messaging service. Let the world know what you want them to know.
    4. You can inform your annual general body meeting document. You can inform the world about a milestone that you reached before others.
    5. You can send your product brochure, etc. to your clients and beyond, and get interest/feedback directly to your desk.
    6. We can provide a customized multi-lingual messaging service, unmatchable by any standard.
    7. You can reach your dealers, distributors, retailers and buyers with your new proposition.
    8. We are ready to provide customized services as per your requirement. Discuss with us.
    9. We can help you by using professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and other profound listing management portals and indexing sites
    10. We also encourage the collaborations/win-win process.

    All our services provide immense benefits to the advertisers and it is our constant effort to make your partnership with us fruitful to you. Give us a call or send us an email with an executive inquiry.
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