• Design and implementation of the data acquisition system of a large scale network based on four-in-one meters


    Abstract: For households, water supply, power supply, pipeline gas and centralized heating are
    necessaries to maintain the normal life of a family. For Chinese urban families, water, electricity, gas,
    warm services are often provided by different government utility companies. Aimed at the shortage
    of the manual measurement of the above mentioned services‘ consumptions, a new mechanism using
    network metering devices is proposed in this paper. Based on the general network measurement
    mechanism and through analysis, this paper proposes using meter communication network as the
    public communication network of various metering devices, forming wireless mesh network by
    metering devices, constituting a virtual private network by the power company’s network, and
    accessing to metering network based on SCEP protocol and certificates of devices. Under this new
    network measurement mechanism, a network routing optimization strategy, a data acquisition
    protocol based on IPv6 and a mesh network management system are designed, and preliminary
    experiments have been carried on. Experimental results show that the proposed mechanism can
    realize functions through the network, including the control of multi-measuring devices, topology
    discovery, data acquisition, fulfilling the multi-meter data acquisition system via network.
    Keywords: Energy internet, four-in-one meters, wireless mesh network, virtual private network, SCEP.

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